“It is perfectly okay to write garbage — as long as you edit it brilliantly.”

C.J. Cherryh

Good News!! My collection of short stories, Curious, was voted book of the month for January in the Erotica Category by readers of the I Heart Lesfic website. Yeah me! It is made up of twelve stories about women exploring new aspects of their sexuality.

This week I finally finished and published my fourteenth book. It went on sale St. Patrick’s Day – although there is nothing Irish about it.

I say finally because honestly, I thought I’d never get done with the damn thing. I try to write at least a thousand words a day. For this book, I was lucky to write five hundred, and that often was rewriting chapters that had already been written. It wasn’t that I had writer’s block – I knew what I wanted to write – I just couldn’t seem to get around to writing it.

I read in other authors’ blogs that they write an entire first draft before going back for the rewrites and edits. I don’t do that. When I first started writing short stories many years ago, every time I sat down to work on a story I would reread everything that went before. One reason was to keep the narrator’s voice consistent. Since these were short stories, usually under 10K words, that didn’t take a great deal of time. Doing that with a novel slows down writing the first draft a lot. I’ll use that as an excuse for being a chronic procrastinator.

But now it’s done. The book is titled The Woman in the Window. It’s an age gap romance between a corporate executive, Zelda Gilroy, and a graduate student, Val Givens, whom she is supposed to mentor. There’s some sex, not too graphic; some heartbreak, not too permanent; and a happily ever after.

The book is available on Amazon now for $3.99, or can be read on Kindle Unlimited.

A final question for my readers: Does anybody know who the original Zelda Gilroy was, and why using that name for a lesfic character is particularly apropos?

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