Are We Ready to Read Again?

Books are the blessed chloroform of the mind.

Robert Chambers


If we ever needed our minds numbed, this is the time. After nearly a month of not being able to finish anything, I started reading again and have been devouring books. Mainly things I have read before. I consider Amanda Quick books to be comfort food for the mind. The majority of her stories feature strong-minded and passive-aggressive heroines butting heads with alpha-males. No thinking required in reading these, and they all have happy endings. We need some happy endings right now. Natasha West is another author I’ve been reading to get to the hea’s. No alpha males in her books.

I’ve also been reading more urban fantasies such as those by Amanda M. Lee or K. F. Breene. No matter how bad your real life seems now, it could be worse. You could be socially isolated in a room with a vampire.

A few weeks ago I found that my books weren’t selling or being read on KU. From other authors’ blogs I learned that they were experiencing the same downturn in sales. Admittedly these authors were exclusively writing lesfic. It’s possible mainstream authors had a different experience, although I doubt that’s the case. However – in the past two weeks readership has gone back up {insert happy emoticon here}. I assume one of two things is happening. It could be that people have discovered they can get out of their isolation through reading. Or equally likely, people are getting tired of binge-watching TV shows. How many episodes of Heartland can you watch before your mind gets as numb as your butt?

I suspect that this isolation will be a big boon for eBooks. It is difficult to get to bookstores, if they are even open. It is much easier to download books. Cheaper too, especially if you subscribe to services such as Kindle Unlimited or Scribd. Here’s a tip: if you have Scribd you get unlimited audiobooks as part of your ten dollars a month subscription. Compared to, where you get two books a month for fifteen bucks. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Author’s Note I: I have a new book coming out today on Kindle. The title is Quarantine: love in the time of covid. It’s about two women quarantined alone in apartments that face each other. They have a love affair – you figure it out. Or better yet, buy it and read it.

Author’s Note II: The last book I published, Afternoon Delight, has been a complete bust. Even with the uptick in readership, almost no one is reading one. I believe it’s because I created the worst cover ever seen on a romance novel. What the hell was I thinking? It’s just plain depressing. I’m going to try to replace the cover with something more attractive and see if that helps.

Author’s Note III: There is a Spring Mega Lesfic Sale coming up. It’s scheduled to run from May 18 through May 22. More info will be available on I have submitted two books to be included in the sale for 99c each.




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