Making Friends

Outside a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside a dog, it’s too dark to read.

~ Groucho Marx ~

The quote above has very little to do with this blog, I just like it. With all that’s going on around us right now, it’s good to have something to smile about.

I am slaving away on my next book right now. It’s about two women, one divorced and one who is in the process of divorcing, who had both cheated on their husbands. They get stranded in a blizzard and – you’ll have to wait until you read it to learn the rest. I’ve got a long way to go to get it ready for publication, but I plan on it being a novella, shorter than what I have been putting out. My reasoning is that I want to get it available to people are looking for new things to read while hunkering down at home. Think of it as me doing my part to make social distancing a little more tolerable.

I think the reason I am getting into this story so well is because even though they were cheating spouses, I like the protagonists so much. They are both strong, career-driven women who are learning about their own passions. Most of the lead characters in my books have been women I would have enjoyed having for friends, with the possible exception of Alex in Fit for Love. I never really warmed up to her, although Amy liked her a lot. I have created a lot of unlikable secondary characters; Treece’s mother in Finding Treece or Larry’s son in The Taste of Cyn being the two worst of the lot; but they provided necessary drama to the stories.

I have read, or at least started reading, books in which one, or both, of the mains were unlikable. That fact has nothing to do with the quality of the books, but they weren’t for me. Hawke’s Prey by Natasha West comes to mind. Julia Hawke, a college instructor, is a sexual predator. Each year she selects the student she wants to victimize. She spends months grooming her, then swoops in and takes what she wants. Stereotypical actions of an abuser. A lot of readers loved the book. I couldn’t finish it. I understand Julia mellowed, or at least became a more sympathetic character, as the story progressed. In fact the book was the first in a trilogy that was very popular and achieved a lot of critical acclaim. But it wasn’t for me. I have read and enjoyed quite a few of Ms. West’s later books, but they all had mains that were women I’d like to meet. I highly recommend The Plus One, and its sequel The Plus Two. I was disappointed she never got around to The Plus Three. Charlie and Amie are both sweethearts.

How about you? Do you enjoy reading stories about people you hate? Or are you like me and want to make friends with the heroines in the stories?


Author’s Note: My book The Taste of Cyn got to #6 on Amazon’s bestselling lesbian fiction chart today (brag, brag). That’s probably because it’s free on Kindle. There’s nothing like giving your stuff away to make yourself popular. You have until the fifth to get your free copy. Enjoy.


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