Hunker Down, Wash Your Hands, Read an Ebook


I have a writing addiction.


Hope you are washing your hands, hunkering down, washing your hands, social distancing, and washing your hands. And reading ebooks. Need a suggestion about what to read? I’ve got a new one out this week, Afternoon Delight. (if you’re wondering, afternoon delight is exactly what it sounds like) This is the eighth book I’ve published in exactly twelve months. Writing is indeed an addiction for some of us.

I had not intended to finish this book until next month. But social distancing means staying home. To me, staying home means writing. Ergo it’s out an month earlier than I expected. It’s time to start another now. Actually, I already started one, but I put it aside while I finished AD. Now I can get back to it.

My latest book is something of a departure for me. Nearly all of my other books have featured characters in their twenties, with the exception of Finding Treece in which the leads were in the early thirties. This one has two lead characters in their forties: Jo is forty-four and Maddy forty-eight. I’d like to say they were closer to my own age, but Jo is still thirty years younger than me (insert a sad emoji here).

Now that AD is published, I am going to try to do more reading. At the present time I’m reading Clary Lydon’s Before You Say I Do. Every time I pick up one of Ms. Lydon’s books I am humbled by what a skillful writer she is. Even though her characters are sometimes in outlandish situations (the lead in BYSID is a professional bridesmaid – whoever heard of such a thing), she writes so well you don’t question it. She is a consummate wordsmith, her characters are so real you think you should send them Christmas cards, and her dialog is always spot on. I want to write as well as Ms. Lydon does when I grow up.


Reading tip: If you’re still social distancing on April Fool’s Day, my book “The Taste of Cyn” will be free on Kindle for a limited time.

Did I mention – wash your hands.

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