Not a Hermit

“A certain ruthlessness and a sense of alienation from society is as essential to creative writing as it is to armed robbery.”— Nelson Algren

I want to get something straight – I am not a hermit. I could be, but have never had the chance. What’s had made me think of this is the fact I recently decided to post on Facebook. I’ve had a Facebook account for maybe ten years, and had not posted, or even opened it, for at least five years. To many people that alone makes me a hermit.

When I first set up a Facebook page it had not yet become the all-invasive media ap it is now. Mostly young people, teens and tweens, were using it. I decided to try it and see if I could locate some old friends from way back when. I didn’t. Instead I ended up being connected with not-so-old friends that I didn’t miss at all. Plus a few relatives I no longer had anything in common with.

And I started getting details of their daily lives. Who they went to lunch with; where they went shopping; what their plans were for tomorrow. All stuff I would not have been interested in if they lived next door, not hundreds of miles away. I quickly lost interest.

About that time my wife started browsing the ap, and she’s hooked. It’s the first thing she checks in the morning. And the last thing she looks at before she goes to bed. Of course she likes cute kitten videos a lot more than I do. It works out well because she keeps me updated on what all my relatives are doing so I don’t have to.

I decided to post again because I am now an author. While hundreds of people all over the world have been reading my book, to my knowledge not a single person I know, love, or am related to has ever read a book by me. I thought that if I put a posting on FB someone would see it and be curious enough to read something. If that happened, they never told me. Either no one read the post, or no one followed up and read a book. It’s possible that someone did, and was too polite to announce that they didn’t like the book; a slim chance of that because many of my friends and relatives fail the politeness test.

In any event, I am not a hermit. I’ll keep trying, at least when I have a new book coming out.


Progress Report:  I will be publishing a new book this week. It’s not the one I started, over and over. It’s entirely new. A full length novel titled The Taste of Cyn. Cyn is short for Cynthia, who kisses Lou, short for Louise, at a New Year’s Eve party. They are lovers by Valentine’s Day. A lot of stuff happens in between. If you read it you’ll find out what.


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